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VanRO Pictures, Images and Photos

VanRO is the Best Online Anarchy gaming! (Warning b4 playing, decide first if you want to get addicted on something!) VanRO has the fastest level up and has supereasy gameplay. It's so easy that everyone can play VanRO.

Registration is soo easy. U can register to this site:

U just need an email and poof!! get ready to play for FREE

vanro Pictures, Images and Photos

New!! Voting system: 1 vote=1point. points=zenny

-There's a new way on how to earn easy money in VanRO!! Instead of always hunting 4 gold and selling berries, why dont you try converting your points to zenny?. You can convert points to zenny by just voting VanRO! 1 vote is equal to 1 point. Theres a sequence on what amount will you get. And you also have a chance to get a TCG!!
Example: 5 points= 1 to 50,000,000 zenny! zenny Pictures, Images and Photos

But u need a level 255 character on your account. Talk to the Reward Voting System NPC at the center left of prontera.
uhmmm I guess you can only vote every 12 hours
on this site :
just log in there and follow instructions

vanro Pictures, Images and Photos

Status Upgrade and Easy Warp

-Tired of leveling up to get high stats or? well there's a new/ old (for some) way to upgrade ur stats. Just talk to the Stats mistress near the Coin bank manager and upgrade ur stats. For just 4million zenny, u can add +10 to ur stats of your choice (not recommended on a stat that is super low and easy to add naturally by leveling).
- The warp NPC is the ones will warp you to a dungeon and towns. It is easier to get into places because it is improved and organized alphabetically and have different levels.
Example: Previously- Lightalzen Biolabs u need a laboratory pass and entering a secret code. And a Lab pass is worth 60million and above.
Previously- Thanatos Tower u need to pass through the correct doors to get to the top and face Thanatos.
Now- there is a warp for the Lightalzen biolabs and its levels the same thing with Thanatos tower/castle. No need to get a Lab pass or desperately finding the correct doors.

- Another one is the @go system. Heres how it works just type @go then the number of the town u want to get to (just type @go and there will be a list of towns and its numbers).
Example: @go 0= Prontera

vanro Pictures, Images and Photos


- Whenever there's an event, U can easily join by talking to the correct person (the event name is its name) They are piled in the center of Prontera and other towns. Prizes are selected by the GM in charge, usually u get a TCG or other rare items as a reward. High level/ low leveled, u can join whatever event u want(except if there are any conditions the GM will tell).
Usually there's an event everday and sometimes theres an event rush in just a day. So what are you waiting for? join events!! lol

vanro Pictures, Images and Photos

Authoritative badge:
- Authoritative badge are the ones responsible for faster movement speed. Instead of always begging for high priests or champions to buff you. Go to Payon dungeon level 4 and hunt 4 Sohees or Generals. Pick up the authoritative badge. If ur too lazy to pick, just type @autoloot 100.

vanro Pictures, Images and Photos

Yggdrasil Berries:

- I think one of the fastest way of getting Yggdrasil berries is one Orc dungeon. Go to Orc dungeon level 1 and then go up and then go right to the warp. Outside, go to the warp on the left side of the map. There u need to kill high orcs and they have at least 2 berries! 4 the fastest looting type @alootid yggdrasil berry , this will automatically loot only yggdrasil berries. Same thing with the other items, if u hunt 4 other items just type @alootid and then the name of the item.

Example: @alootid gold, @alootid authoritative badge. You can also type the item's # when it appears.
( I'll continue this and rest for a while :D)

vanro Pictures, Images and Photos